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Menu Bar Xsl is a dropdown menu bars build with speed in mind. Unlimited in his sub menu, it is perfect for site with lots of section. You can choose between horizontal or vertical display. It come with the classic style of Ms Office menu and is easily

XMLmind XSL-FO Converter Personal  v.4. 5. 2000

This is a component Java or .NET which allows to translate XSL-FO to the file formats used by Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.


DocBook to LaTeX XSL stylesheets  v.1

XSL Transformation stylesheets.

Folio; XSL Formatting Objects Renderer  v.1.0

Folio is an XSL Formatting Objects renderer.

Hr-xsl  v.0.13

A set of XSL scripts to produce a formatted curriculum vitae or resume from an HR-XML source document.

HTMLi - 100% XSL AJAX Framework  v.0.6

HTMLi (HTML improved) is the AJAX framework that focuses in: * Transparent use for HTML designers * Multi-platform: 100% XSL (runs with Java, ASP, PHP, etc) * CSS Themes * Multi-Language * XML Handling - AJAX forms Live demo at http://www.

SimpleRDF/XSL+PHP5  v.

SimpleRDF/XSL template simplifies RDF/XML sources as much as possible to allow easy processing.

XSL-FO Wysiwyg MiniScribus  v.1.0

XSL-FO Formatting markup WYSIWYG editor & PDF tree BookMark.

Xslide Emacs mode for XSL stylesheets  v.0.2.2

xslide is an Emacs major mode for editing XSL stylesheets and running XSL processors.

Db2Xml structure generator with Xsl  v.1.0

Generates XML containing database tables structure and allows easy XSLT sheet application using the gui interface

XMLBlueprint XML Editor

XML editor and validator of XML documents, DTDs, Relax NG Schemas and XML Schemas. It supports Unicode aware text editing, XML layout tidying, real-time XML coloring, context-sensitive XML Completion, XSL Transformation, XPath Expression Evaluator, XML

OXygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger  v.16

Oxygen is a cross platform XML Editor,XSLT/XQuery Debugger and Schema Editor. Can validate XML, XSD, RNG, DTD, Schematron and XSL. Features XSLT transformation and FOP support, code insight,outliner, SVN Client and native XML Databases support.

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